Overcome Your Flu Quickly and Exactly

When the rainy season arrives, influenza seems to be a disease that attacks many people. The cause can come from viruses that attach to the body through rainwater. If the flu has struck, it’s good for you to warm up immediately. Try not to consume cold drinks and spicy foods so the flu quickly subsides.

In order not to infect friends, it’s good to use a mask cover. Because the flu can spread through the air from coughing and sneezing produced by the sufferer.

If prevention has failed, you can immediately consult a doctor or you can go to a pharmacy or Online Pharmacy to immediately conduct a health consultation and find the right medicine to quickly relieve your flu.

After you take flu medicine, try to consume natural ingredients to relieve the flu that is attacking. Here are three natural ingredients that can relieve the flu that you suffer from.

  1. Consume lots of fluids

First aid from flu, try to consume lots of water, juice, and drinks like tea or herbs. Liquid prevents drying of our throat and nose, they help the mucous membrane gland to remain open so that it is easy to clean. Fluid is also valuable when you have a fever. In this case, there is an increased risk of fluid loss due to dehydration. In addition, hydration of the body contributes to the elimination of toxins produced from dead cells, thereby increasing the cell’s ability to fight viruses.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is known as an herbal ingredient that cures cold and cough. The content of gingerol, essential oils, terpenoid zingiberol, and shogaol, can relieve inflammation and cough.

To make a mixture of flu-relieving ginger, just put the ginger into a glass of warm water and add ginger. Stir until evenly distributed and drink ginger ingredients twice a day.

  1. Honey

Honey has antibacterial properties capable of increasing the resistance of the human body. Honey can reduce irritation of the throat tract. Mix, pure honey with lemon to relieve coughs and colds brought on by the flu.

  1. Leaves of peppermint

The content of menthol in leaves of peppermint is able to dilute phlegm and mucus that clog the respiratory tract. Menthol is also able to reduce pain due to inflammation. You can make a glass of peppermint tea by adding enough honey to taste. Drink one to two times a day.