Treatment of Diabetes with Marijuana

Marijuana plants start ogled as alternative medicine to cure various diseases. Believed, marijuana has benefits to cure diseases ranging from epilepsy, diabetes, to cancer. Research will be conducted to see the overall benefits of aspects of cannabis plants, starting from the roots, stems, leaves, seeds and flowers. Read more Medical marijuana.

The research was deliberately done to open the eyes of the pharmaceutical industry, the wider community to health experts and the government to see the benefits of marijuana for health. The hope, cannabis can be a source of raw materials for new local drugs.

9 properties of marijuana for diabetics, namely:

  1. Balancing blood sugar (based on diabetes personal journals).
  2. Relieves arterial nerve inflammation commonly experienced by diabetics.
  3. The effect of neuroprotection that prevents inflammation and reduces nerve pain.
  4. An anti-spasmodic agent that helps reduce muscle cramps and pain from stomach pain.
  5. Acts as a vasodilator that keeps blood vessels open and improves blood circulation.
  6. Keep blood pressure low, which is vital for diabetics.
  7. Can be used as a heating cream that helps relieve nerve pain and tingling in the hands and feet.
  8. Eating butter and marijuana oil can improve heart health.
  9. Marijuana helps diabetics relieve Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS); disruption in the form of shocked legs during sleep.

Further research has just been carried out by a group of American researchers. The researchers examined 4,657 men and women through the National Health and Nutrition Examinations Survey (NHANES) between 2005 and 2010. Subjects currently using marijuana showed lower levels of fasting insulin and insulin resistance than those who never or sometimes use marijuana. Cannabis users also have a smaller waist circumference and higher HDL cholesterol (harmless cholesterol) than those who have never or sometimes used marijuana. For more information, you can visit licensed producers Canada.

Three recent studies show that marijuana users have a lower risk of obesity. In addition, they also have a lower risk of diabetes and a smaller body mass index value. These three benefits are obtained even though marijuana users consume more calories.

In the United States doctors have also been given a lot of support by researchers in order to encourage more pediatricians to prescribe medical marijuana. However, it is emphasized, the use of medical marijuana is only for children with limited or very severe conditions, and not enough just with current treatment.